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Advanced Study on God's Wonder Plant, Hitesh Shah

72 pages, pb
product no. 06182
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Printed in India - Indian quality

Advanced Study on God's Wonder Plant

Hitesh Shah

Hypericum Perforatum (St. John's Wort)

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In this general disruption and compulsory abandonment of unnecessary luxuries, one wishes that people would give up and learn to do without their dopes, the many effects & after effects of chemicals, the concentrated products, the vaccines, serums, animal gland extracts, intra dermal - intra muscular or intra venous injections, chemotherapy, radiation etc. the action & side action of which in the human bodies are uncertain, unknown & so often starts a trail of unsuspected prolonged human illness.

I wish they would give up these expensive & dangerous chemicals as being unnecessary luxuries of our over-refined civilization and go back again to the simple products of good old mother earth. We are told to grow more food; we should also be told and it should be impressed upon us to make more use of the herbs growing in our field.
Some will object and say we should not go back, we should go forward, "New things are best" but are they? Each
new generation as it comes along, refuses to learn from the mistakes of the preceding one and prefers to make its own mistakes to be in due course.

All should go back to nature and learnt from her the hidden secrets of nature and science.

We have still to learn to make more use of the hidden store of health - giving herbs & plants.

Life is based upon a natural law that we have to follow, and if we are not honest with ourselves I don't think that today's world can be cured.

In reference to the nature and biological aspects of the plants and by application of "Doctrine of Signatures", the remedy HYPERICUM PERFORATUM - ST.JOHN'S WORT is further explored in their deeper meaning; the use of imagery and symbolism enhances the integration of the knowledge and opens the mind to the joy & wisdom found in the nature with historical discovery and systematic analysis.

Many new homoeopaths use conjectural information like remedy signatures because the proving do not contain the information they need to understand the remedies. By pursuing good quality clinical practice, we discovered that without good proving our grasp of remedy is based on the clinical data alone.

Remedy HYPERICUM PERFORATUM - ST.JOHN'S WORT appeal to all minds that are in search of a deeper understanding of the healing and healing dynamics in general. It guides the exact therapeutic use in the disease and mental disturbances of our time, which is further added catalyst in homoeopathic cure.

This book is full of information. We have tried very hard to eliminate any errors, but readers are advised that if any errors are detected, or if there are suggestions for improvement; please write to us and we will make amends. Our policy is continuous improvement!

By bringing Hypericum Perforatum into our personal lives, we become part of the solution to improve the health of our planet.

only a few in stock, ready to ship within one working day

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