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A Treatise on Bowel Nosodes, Y.R. Agrawal

104 pages, pb
publication 1995
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A Treatise on Bowel Nosodes

Y.R. Agrawal

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Medicines prepared from culture of non-lactose fermenting flora of intestinal tract are called 'Bowel Nosodes'. The credit of this discovery goes to Dr. Edward Bach. In 1925 Dr. Bach and Dr. Charles Wheeleer published their work 'Chronic Diseases - A Working Hypothesis'. In 1929 a paper 'The Pathogenesis of Dysentery and the proving of Nosode Dys. Co.' by Thomas M. Dishington was published. Later Drs. John Paterson and Elizabeth Paterson carried out detailed research work and their papers 'The Bowel Nosodes' and 'A Clinical Survey of the Nosodes' were published in 1950 and 1960 respectively. Simultaneously other physicians who were interested in these medicines brought out number of confirmed therapeutics based on their practical observations. Thus as many as nine remedies were added in our materia medica.

In the first edition of the book materia medica of Bowel Nosodes was attempted after compiling the findings of Drs. John Paterson and E. Paterson and also the scattered proving by other physicians. The second edition, which is thoroughly revised and enlarged, includes two more chapters i.e. 'Clinical Cases' and 'Repertory'.

I hope that the revised edition will prove more useful from practical point of view. I will welcome any constructive Suggestion form those who are using these medicines in treatment of their patients. The verified clinical findings other than those already included in this edition will find place in the subsequent edition.

Delhi, 3rd April, 1995 
Y. R. Agrawal

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