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A Study of Sarcodes, Rajeev Saxena

48 pages, pb
product no. 01749
weight: 85g
ISBN: 978-81-7467-097-7

Printed in India. Out of print.

A Study of Sarcodes

Rajeev Saxena


To write some thing material on Sarcodes has been a great thrilling sentimental experience for me . The field of "sarcodes" is very wide and immense potentiality is hidden in it for curing the sickness of human being . l do not claim this work äs an original work but l submit with all politeness that l have tried to underline all the important aspects of Sarcodes for the cause of homoeopathy.
l am highly grateful to all those authorities whose works have been mentioned in bibliography. Really without those works this work would not have taken this shape. This is just an effort by taking important guide lines from the works of masters in this field. The subject matter has been presented in such a chronological state that it may prove it's worth.

Sh. Mayur Jain proprietor of Indian Books Periodicals Publishers, New Delhi deserve all the thanks who are Publishing this work with a great sense of industriousness. Thanks to him, again.
At this juncture l can not forget Dr.M.K.Saxena (Ujjain)who had taught me the first lesson of homoeopathy. l am grateful to my this honourable first "Guru" of homoeopthy.

The blessing of my Mama Sh. V.P.Saxena Mami Smt. Gyan Saxena and mother Smt. Sarla Saxena have been a continuous source of inspiration and unfailing support.Without the spiritual nourishment of these family members of mine,l would have never become successful to put in my mental energy to this important work. Sh.Vivek Saxena high court advocate,S/7. Ashish Saxena and Atul Saxena LL.M helped me a lot.S/nf. Taruna Saxena, my wife has been quite cordial and helpful to me during the work.
l am also grateful for immense love, affection and cooperation from Sh. Mulkraj Chawla, Prop. C.S.Pharmacy,(Indore), Dr.V.K.Chawla a senior homoeopathist (Indore), Dr.V.P.Bansal eminent homoeopathist (Indore), Dr. Shashi Kant Pafe/(lndore), Dr Suresh S/?arma(Dewas), Dr.Taran Khalsa (Ujjain) and Dr. R.C. Pandya (Ujjain).

Regards and thanks to all these. At last if this work proves its worth even to single man's suffering, l will feel my labour amply rewarded.
Dr. Rajeev Saxena

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