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1001 Small Remedies, Frederik Schroyens

1504 pages, hb
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ISBN: 978-09522744-14

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1001 Small Remedies

Frederik Schroyens

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Materia Medica extracted from Synthesis 5 with unique symptoms of the major remedies.

"1001 Small Remedies" is a great materia medica with a nice title, alluding to the Arabian classic “Tale of 1001 Nights”. It is solely based on symptoms from the Synthesis repertory so it offers rock-solid homeopathic knowledge of 1001 remedies. Each remedy tells its own tale in the form of graded symptoms. Every symptom is given with the number of other remedies sharing this symptom, which makes it easy to decide its peculiarity. The extracting of essential symtoms is the art of making keynotes and characteristics from the bulk of proving symptoms, and this art is done very nicely here. Also the polychrest problem is solved elegantly in a democratic fashion: Big remedies are condensed to same size as small remedies, which makes the study of remedies straightforward and manageable. So the polychrests are "downgraded" to rock-bottom descriptions, whereas the small remedies are upgraded and given in detail. It makes this great book especially valuable for quick reference, study of essences and for a better understanding of small remedies as well as polychrests. If you dive deep into this way of understanding materia medica, it will likely lead you away from the idea of "small" or "big" remedies altogether. And this is how the real masters worked and work, isn' t it?
A very recommendable book, bound in valuable hardcover. The reduced price makes it probably the best value materia medica you can buy.

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Taras Szagajdenko

2 weeks ago
Necessary book
Very helpful book with large important information read more ...
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Alimul Khudi

11 months ago
A Great book for “appropriate remedy finder“ quickly. read more ...
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