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New Life - Spectrum of Homeopathy 01/2013

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New Life - Spectrum of Homeopathy 01/2013

Perinatal Homeopathy

The natural process of adaptation following the birth of a new baby presents the mother and child with special challenges, with more potential for danger to body and soul than most other phases of life. Homeopathy offers a multitude of approaches to deal with this critical period, helping to cope with complications in pregnancy, birth, and the initial phase where the baby has to adapt to the outside world.

For many doctors and midwives, homeopathic remedies are a natural first choice to deal with problems during birth and lying in. Proven indications, especially in emergency cases, are a valuable tool. On the other hand, the profound effect of a well-chosen individual prescription can help correct underlying difficulties in adaptation and provide the baby with a solid grounding in life. The full palette of homeopathic treatment in the perinatal phase from acute prescription to constitutional treatment is presented in this issue of SPECTRUM.

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Reading excerpt

Anna Maria Engelsing: Programmed Birth
Homeopathy for birth as a counterweight to high-tech medicine

Ute Bullemer: Tried-And-Trusted-Remedies
Typical case histories with proven indications from obstetrics

Renate Paschmanns: Bleeding And Thrombosis
Crotalus horridus and Vipera berus in pregnancy

Friedrich P. Graf: Don't Make Such A Fuss!
Kalium carbonicum for prolonged labor

Richard Moskowitz: Disturbed Rhythm
The major remedies Caulophyllum and Cimicifuga for uterine dystocia

Jürgen Weiland: Female Force Of Nature
The dynamic process of pregnancy and birth exemplified by the nightshade family

Jacques Lamothe: Baby Days
Basic reflexes: a practice-oriented overview of common problems in neonatology

Angelika Bolte and Jörg Wichmann: Not Quite There Yet
The effects of incomplete incarnation with case histories of Iodoform, Opium, and Placenta

Bettina Baltacis: For Newborns
Homeopathy in clinical neonatology

Anna Koller-Wilmking: Newborns in the Practice
Methodological diversity in the search for remedies to help young babies

Didier Grandgeorge: Arriving Unscathed
Prized remedies for premature and newborn babies on the threshold of survival

Alize Timmerman: The Love And Care Hormone
Differentiating Oxytocin and other commonly indicated remedies for newborns

Heiner Frei: Baby Colic
A case of Kalium carbonicum shows how polarity analysis reliably points to the remedy

Andreas Richter: On Firm Ground
Calcium bromatum eases traumatic stress in mother and child

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New Life - Spectrum of Homeopathy 01/2013

plus shipment:
2,90 EUR per Issue

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1 week ago
Spectrum of Homeopathy
Always inspiring and relevant. I find that I often go back to my library of Spectrum journals to re-read for reference when I have unusual cases as they provide me with alternative answers.
Trifa Mariana

1 week ago
refreshing knowledge
For me was helpful to remind remedies Kola nidata and badiaga.
Thank You all!
Mark Immel, Nd

2 weeks ago
Spectrum of Homeopathy 2017-1, Addiction
I always look forward to new issues of Spectrum of Homeopathy, and this is no exception ! I am enjoying the variety of insights and practical experience of the authors in this important issue.
Thank you, Narayana !
Leigh Marsh

3 weeks ago
Spectrum. Addiction
A timely publication on a growing need of being able to treat drug addicts and those suffering from other addictions.
Zofia Lech

3 weeks ago
Spectrum of Homeopathy
Spectrum has a beautiful edition and is very useful in my daily practice
Natalia Sitkina

3 months ago
Fascinating fungi review
Really amazing articles about Fungi Kingdom.

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