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My life has become colourless and disconnected: a case of Umbilical cord
by Alize Timmerman

Everything is too much: three cases of Vernix caseosa
by Alex Leupen, Deborah Collins

Feeling left out: a case of Umbilical cord and Amniotic fluid
by Melissa Assilem

A study of Placenta
by Hans Eberle, Friedrich Ritzer

Day dreaming: a case of Oxytocinum
by Alex Leupen

Communication and bonding: six cases of Oxytocinum
by Nelleke Bruch

A short story of the Matridonal remedies: Incarnation - from Heaven to Earth
by Melissa Assilem

Editorial: Matridonal remedies - gifts of the mother
by Deborah Collins

"Homeopathy – from Childhood to Old Age" March 14-16, 2014
a review to the seminar

Over-connection and possessive relationships over three generations: a case of Latrodectus mactans
by Alize Timmerman

Comparing Insect remedy and Spider remedy themes
by Carolyn Burdet

Catherine R. Coulter obituary

Panorama: seminars and books
by Editor

Driven mad with sexual desire: a case of Cantharis
by Deborah Collins

My whole body is alive, there's a constant buzzing: a case of Schistocerca americana
by Jonathan Hardy

Something gets under my skin and drives me crazy: a case of Sarcoptes scabiei
by Jean-Thierry Cambonie

I want people to respect me more: a case of Blatta orientalis
by David Mundy

Spectrum of Homeopathy 01/2014
Declan Hammond: The Death Of A Child - A Parent`s Choice For Life / Danièle Joulin: Death And The Devil / Andreas Richter: Nothing Will Ever Be The Same Again / Guy Payen: The Soul Of The "Falling Herb" / Annegret Gärtner: Trauma Therapy And Homeopathic Granules / Renate Paschmanns: Acting Quickly And Deeply / Ulrich Welte: To Be Or Not To Be / Jan Scholten: New Paths In The World Of Plants / Resie Moonen: Defenseless Against Others / Franz Swoboda: Lacerated And Battered / Jürgen Weiland: Vulnerable Hero / Sigrid Lindemann: A Brutal Guardian Angel / Marco Riefer: Self-Harm / Willibald Neuhold: The Experience Of The Asteraceae

I was in her control, I had to defeat her physically: a case of Aranea diadema
by Jonathan Hardy

Giving insights into the Fish: a proving of Yellow Box Fish
by Marty Begin

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