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Mental Health Congress from March 23-25, 2012

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Mental disorders are on the increase. In Germany, for example, the number of patients admitted to hospital for depression has doubled over the last ten years. This is one area where homeopathy can have astonishing results.
The first congress focusing on the topic of Homeopathy for Mental Disorders will take place in Bad Krozingen from March 23-25, 2012. Some of the world’s foremost experts have been invited to speak: the congress will be opened by probably the most famous homeopathic psychiatrist of all, Mahesh Gandhi. He will be talking about the major topic of schizophrenia and how to treat it homeopathically.
Afterwards, the experienced English homeopath Jonathan Hardy will explore the carbon remedies (2nd series), which have shown themselves to be especially effective in treating mental disorders such as depression, addiction and anxiety.
The second day begins with a talk by the well-known Indian homeopath Divya Chhabra, in which she presents impressive case studies of depression, panic attacks and ADHD. In the afternoon, Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman will speak about cases of Asperger syndrome. On the last day, the popular Italian homeopath Massimo Mangialavori will talk about the topic of anxiety and insecurity. The congress will be closed by the Swiss homeopath Heiner Frei, who will discuss how he uses homeopathy to treat children with ADHD.
A varied congress which will introduce a wide range of new treatment ideas.

The Highlight for 2012!  With participants from countries such as the US, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, Egypt, Japan, Norway, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, France, Romania and Slovakia as well as Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The Congress has already developed its own special dynamic and has become an important rendezvous for the homeopathic movement.  There is still space available.

Narayana’s homeopathic congresses have now become an institution. Between 250 and 300 participants came to the congresses in 2009, 2010 and 2011; the feedback was excellent.

Congress fee for all 3 days with simultaneous translation into english (for all 3 days),
€ 325. Individual days can also be booked singly.

Continuing education points for physicians: 24 points. Continuing education points for natural health practitioners: Bund deutscher Heilpraktiker 16 points, VkHD, BkHD, SHZ 18 points for homeopathy and 6 points for clinical training.


Overview of programme

Friday, March 23:   Mahesh Gandhi: Schizophrenia
9 am – 12.30 pm  

In his seminar, the well-known Indian psychiatrist Mahesh Gandhi will talk about schizophrenic disorders, which often start with depression and sleep problems. He gives impressive evidence of how even serious psychiatric disorders can be healed with homeopathy. His descriptive video case studies bear testimony to his treatment methods.
Youtube video with Mahesh Gandhi

2 pm – 5 pm   Jonathan Hardy: The Carbon Series

Jonathan Hardy demonstrates the importance of the 2nd series (carbons with remedies such as Carbo, Nitrogenium and Oxygenium) for treating certain mental disorders. These include depression, addiction, autism and lack of self-confidence.

Jonathan Hardy explains what these remedies have in common, such as separation, the birth process, the eight stages and other topics such as how they are described by Scholten, Sankaran, the Joshis and Jayesh Shah. He will present video case studies for each of the remedies in this series  and show how the remedy themes develop from lithium to neon.

Saturday, March 24   Divya Chhabra: Depression, Panic and ADHD
9 am – 12.30 pm  

Divya Chhabra, the wife of Rajan Sankaran, shows how mental disorders can provide direct access to the similima. She will be presenting impressive video case studies of patients with depression, panic attacks and ADHD. It is quite an experience to see Divya Chhabra live. Her approach is direct, absolutely unconventional and opens up brand new treatment possibilities with remarkable simplicity.

2 pm – 5 pm   Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman: Asperger Syndrome


  Judyth Reichenberg-Ullmann, the well-known American homeopath, specialises in treating mental disorders in children and has years of experience in this area. She will be presenting several patients with Asperger Syndrome undergoing long-term treatment.
Sunday, March 25   Massimo Mangialavori: Anxiety and Insecurity
9 am – 12.30 pm  

The well-known Italian homeopath Massimo Mangialavori analyses a wide variety of ways in which insecurity can express itself and ascribes homeopathic remedies to them in his usual brilliant, descriptive way.

Important remedies in this context include the aluminium and barium salts. Other remedies featuring symptoms of insecurity include Gossypium (sexual immaturity), Saccharam album (feeling empty inside), Epiphequs (feelings of inadequacy), Tabacum (patient covers up feeling of weakness), Daphne indica (auto-aggression), Aconitum (self-sacrifice), Magnetis polus australis (lack of orientation) and Thallium (deep mistrust).

2 pm – 5 pm   Heiner Frei: Psychiatric Diseases in Children

The well-known Swiss paediatric doctor and homeopath Heiner Frei talks about the Bönninghausen method and the astonishing results it can achieve in cases of ADD and ADHD. Heiner Frei has refined Bönninghausen’s concept with polarity analysis and made it more precise. He presents this method in his seminar and explains it on the basis of mental disorders in children and young people.
Dr. Heiner Frei speaks in German

Excerpt from interview with Heiner Frei on ADHD

The Speakers

Mahesh Gandhi


Dr. Mahesh Gandhi has been working as a psychiatrist in Bombay since 1981. He taught at various universities, directed the psychiatric department of a famous hospital and became the author of various books before devoting himself exclusively to homeopathy. He has been collaborating closely with the internationally famous Indian homeopath Dr. Rajan Sankaran for more than 15 years, and Sankaran frequently consults him in psychiatric cases. He holds seminars together with Rajan Sankaran and has an international reputation as a teacher. His style of presentation is very lively, his often serious psychiatric case studies extremely impressive.

Jonathan Hardy

  Dr. Jonathan Hardy is one of England’s most experienced homeopathic doctors. He began his homeopathic training after working at St. Mary’s Hospital in Portsmouth and opened his own practice in Southampton in 1986. He is a member of the Faculty of Homeopathy and the Independent Practitioners Representative on the Faculty Council. He is a member of the Faculty of Homeopathy’s teaching group and gives seminars in both the UK and abroad. Jonathan Hardy is an outstanding speaker. He brings the various homeopathic directions together in a most impressive manner, and his case studies speak for themselves.

Divya Chabra




Dr. Divya Chhabra is one of India’s most outstanding homeopathic doctors and can look back on 20 years of experience. She is known for her unusual case-taking method, the “circle theory”. With her free association technique and brilliant mind, she can follow the symptoms step by step to the similimum with remarkable skill.
Divya Chhabra has proved numerous remedies such as Magnesium sulphuricum, Thea, Citrus, Lac felinum, Lac rhesus, Tungsten, Lac defloratum, Lac humanum, Eagle and Bat.

It is a remarkable experience to watch how she takes cases and experience her healing arts at first hand…

Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman


Dr. Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman is an experienced homeopath and practises with her husband Bob Ullmann at the Northwest Center for Homeopathic Medicine in Edmonds, USA. They are the joint authors of numerous books, and her bestseller “Ritalin Free Kids” made her famous.
They devote themselves especially to behavioural disorders and learning/developmental delays in children and young people, and her clinical experience (more than 4000 children treated homeopathically) has made her one of the world’s leading experts in this field. With her husband, Judyth Reichenberg-Ullmann is co-author of the books A Drug-Free Approach to Asperger Syndrome and Autism and The Homeopathic Treatment of Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder and Other Mental and Emotional Problems.

Massimo Mangialavori


Dr. Massimo Mangialavori is an Italian doctor and homeopath. He joined up with three other doctors to found a practice near Modena, where he now treats patients from all over the world. His knowledge of the materia medica is astonishing, and he is probably one of the best prescribers around today. Based on the patients he has healed, he has developed his own way of systemising homeopathic remedies which does not necessarily classify them as strictly botanical or zoological. He regularly holds seminars in Europe and the USA, and leads advanced training courses for homeopaths in Modena and Boston.

Massimo Mangialavori is the author of numerous works such as Homeopathy for Anger and Mortification, Praxis Volume 1 and 2, Some Cactaceae in Homeopathic Medicine and other works.


Heiner Frei

Dr. Heiner Frei is a paediatric doctor in Laupen, near Berne. He studied medicine at Berne University and was licensed to practice in 1977. He specialised in paediatrics at the children’s clinics in Berne and Lucerne, focusing on paediatric surgery, neonatology, intensive care and developmental medicine. From 1984 to 1987, he was the Senior Consultant in Paediatric Haematology/Oncology at the University Children’s Clinic in Berne. He opened his own paediatric practice in 1987, and began training as a classical homeopath the same year. From 2001 to 2005, he was the President of the Swiss Medical Association for Homeopathy.

Research: since 1996 he has been carrying out clinical studies with publications on acute tonsillitis, otitis media, ADD/ADHD and other topics.

Dr. Heiner Frei is well known for his extensive experience in treating children with ADHD. Dr. Heiner Frei speaks in German.

The Homeopathic Treatment of Children - 10 DVDs, Congress from 18.-20. March 2011 in Badenweiler, 10 Video-DVDs with Didier Grandgeorge, Frans Kusse, Farokh Master, Dinesh Chauhan, Martin Hirte and Heiner Frei

Seminar times
Friday – Sunday, March 23-25, 2012, 9 am – 1 pm and 2 pm – 5 pm.


All three days, without simultaneous translation: € 300
All three days, with simultaneous translation: € 325

Individual days without translation: € 110
Individual days with translation: € 150
Day 3 with simultaneous translation into English: € 140

Your Registration

Free-bus transfer to the publishing company in Kandern, 24.03.2012

Your Price: $ 370,00

All seminars will be held in English (except Heiner Frei) with simultaneous translation into German. Heiner Frei will be speaking in German with simultaneous translation into English.

Your reservation is binding. If you provide your bank account details, the amount will not be debited until 6 weeks before the congress starts. If you cancel your booking more than 2 weeks before the congress opens, you will be charged a cancellation fee of € 25; no refunds can be made if you cancel less than two weeks beforehand. Your seminar place will only be confirmed when we receive your payment.

On Saturday evening, we would like to issue a warm invitation for you to visit our publishing company in Kandern. Here you will be greeted with a welcome drink and snacks, and the authors will be available to sign your books. You are also very welcome to browse the four floors housing our extensive book collection in peace. We will provide a free bus transfer from Bad Krozingen to Kandern and back (departs from Bad Krozingen at 7 pm, journey lasts 35 minutes; departure from Kandern back to Bad Krozingen at 9 pm). Please tell us whether you would like to make use of the free bus transfer on the booking form above.

Registration via the internet or to: Narayana Verlag, Blumenplatz 2, 79400 Kandern,
Tel.: 07626 - 974 970-0, Fax: 07626 - 974 970-9, info@narayana-verlag.de

Congress venue – located between Freiburg and Basel, good transport links.
Kurhaus (large hall)
Kurhausstraße 1
79189 Bad Krozingen
Map of Bad Krozingen

The Kurhaus from outside

The large hall

Bad Krozingen is a beautiful spa town with plenty of opportunities to relax and unwind, such as the Vita Classica thermal baths close to the Kurhaus and the Kurpark.

How to get there
Bad Krozingen is easy to reach by car, rail or plane as the transport links are excellent.

Nearest airport: Basel Mulhouse (60 km from Bad Krozingen)
Please note: Easyjet flies from London and other European cities to Basel with fares starting at just 29 EUR.

Click on this link for information about the airport shuttle from Basel to Bad Krozingen. The journey takes about 45 min. by car/shuttle.

Zurich airport (130 km from Bad Krozingen)
Flights from Vienna to Zurich are available from just 60 EUR. Continue your journey by rail (Deutsche Bahn) via Basel (approx. 2 h 20 m).

Arriving by car
Via the A5, Bad Krozingen exit

Arriving by train
IC or ICE to Freiburg main railway station, change to local train for Bad Krozingen. The Kurhaus is approx. 200 m from the railway station on foot.

Are you offering or looking for an opportunity to travel with someone else? If so, please contact us at: Narayana Verlag, Blumenplatz 2, 79400 Kandern,Tel.: 07626 - 974 970-0, Fax: 07626 - 974 970-9, info@narayana-verlag.de

Overview of hotels in Bad Krozingen

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