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Warschau Liga Congress

64. Liga Congress 2009 in Warsaw, Poland

64th Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis (LMHI) 26.-30. August 2009


The 64th Congress of the Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis (LMHI) took place from August 26th to 30th in Warsaw, Poland.  The congress had the theme “Timeless Quality in Homeopathy” and was organized by the Polish Homeopathic Society.

As in previous years, participants from all over the world attended the congress and gave lectures, among them Jonathan Shore from the USA and Yogesh Sehgal from India.  Other attendees included Herbert Pfeiffer, John Saxton, Josef Schmidt, Franz Swoboda, Ton Nicolai, Sigrid Kruse, Michael Teut and Leon Scheepers.

An audience of over 100 heard Markus Kuntosch´s formidable lecture on how to find the correct remedy by color preference.  He demonstrated this method using examples of healed patients.  A color preference for 16E (dark blue), for example, confirmed the correct remedy Capsicum for a man with bursting headaches.
In another case, only the color preference for light green (20-24B) led to a successful prescription for a severe case of neuralgia occurring after surgery for an ankle fracture.  On the basis of other symptoms, the curative remedy Daphne indica might easily have been overlooked.

Impressions from the last Liga Congress 2008 in Oostende, Belgium.

Kulturpalast Kulturpalast
Palace of Culture and Science from afar.. ...at close range


Entrance Narayana's book table


Festival room
EHC_President Ari_Peinbauer John_Saxton
Ton Nicolai (ECH President) C. Ari and T. Peinbauer John Saxton


Jonathan Shore Dale Emerson (on the right)

Frau von Dale Emerson



Mrs. Emerson M.L. Sehgal Josef Schmidt

Nunzio Chiaramida

Roy_und_Sohn Pareek_Sohn
Nunzio Chiaramida Ravi Roy and son Alok Pareek and son
Tichavsky_Gespraech Tichavsky Swoboda
Radko Tichavsky (on the right) Radko Tichavsky Franz Swoboda
Roberto_Luca Tomasz Marie-Luc Fayeton
Roberto Petrucci (on the left) Tomasz Kokoszczynski Marie-Luc Fayeton
Cataldi Ayurveda_Damen
Gustavo Cataldi (on the right) Further participants
Hiltner Teilnehmer Shore_Vogelbuch
Richard Hiltner (on the right) Attendees Jonathan Shore with Birds
Nishant B Jain
K.W. Steuernagel, C. Ari and W. Springer Nishant B. Jain
Vortrag Sigrid Kruse Vortrag Leon Scherpers Teilnehmer_Gespraech
Lecture by Sigrid Kruse Lecture by Leon Scheepers Further participants
Julia Vassilieva Elsbieta mit poln. Organon Christine Ari
Julia Vassilieva Elsbieta with Polish Organon Christina Ari (on the right)
Gespraech Teilnehmerin mit Buch
Markus Kuntosch in conversation Woman with book
Teilnehmer mit Buch Besucher
Studying.. Narayana´s book table
Palast Sunset
Concert Hall by night Sunset on the return flight



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