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Peter König / Gerda Dauz / Jürgen Weiland: Vitis vinifera - Provings of Vine

138 pages, pb
publication 2004
product no. 07613
weight: 210g
ISBN: 978-3-9337-6004-3

Vitis vinifera - Provings of Vine

White - Austria - Vitis vinifera folium Red - Germany -Vitis vinifera cum fructibus
A study of two homeopathic remedies

The publisher:

Two homeopathic provings of the plant of vine make up the main contect of this book - one proving done in Austria and one in the Rhine valley, both carefully conducted after the standards of the great homeopathic remedy provings.
The book also provides an introduction into the biology and history of vine and wine, a proper repertorization as well as further thoughts on the experiences with this new remedy.
Like many other remedies that belong to the important drugs of mankind Vitis vinifera promises to achieve a central place among our materia medice.

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