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Our new books and bestsellers

Cancer My Homeopathic Method
by A.U. Ramakrishnan

54.00 US$
Homeopathy in Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine
by Frass / Bündner

67.00 US$
by Patricia Le Roux
Sixty portraits of homeopathic remedies for children from birth to twelve years
44.00 US$
Homeopathy for Plants
by Christiane Maute
A practical guide for indoor, balcony and garden plants with tips on dosage, use and choice of potency
29.00 US$
Homeopathic Remedy Pictures
by Mathison V. / Kusse F.
The 65 most important remedies in words and pictures
58.00 US$
Homeopathy and ADHD
by Heiner Frei
A new Treatment Concept with Polarity Analysis
64.00 US$
Cancer & Homeopathy
by Jean-Lionel Bagot
How to alleviate the side effects of ­chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and hormone therapy
32.00 US$
Homeopathy for Farm and Garden
by Vaikunthanath Das Kaviraj
The Homeopathic Treatment of Plants - 4th revised edition
42.00 US$
Homeopathic Clinical Repertory
by Robin Murphy
3. Edition
88.80 US$
A Homoeopathic Approach to Cancer
by Ramakrishnan / Coulter

22.00 US$
Polarity Analysis in Homeopathy: A Precise Path to the Simillimum
by Heiner Frei
64.00 US$
Wonderful Plants
by Jan Scholten

129.00 US$
Drug Remedies
by Peter Fraser
From Earth to Sky through the Underworld
22.70 US$
Tongue That Does Not Lie
by Prakash Vakil
How to Use Tongue Symptoms in Homeopathy
17.00 US$
Acids in Homeopathy
by Massimo Mangialavori
Self Destructiveness
43.00 US$
Die Heidelbeere, das blaue Gesundheitswunder
by Bettina-Nicola Lindner
Schützt Gehirn und Gefäße, stabilisiert den Blutzucker, hemmt Entzündungen
11.30 US$
Collection : Les Oiseaux, les Araignées, les Insectes et les Serpents en homéopathie
by Peter Fraser
"Entre ciel et terre" : série en 4 tomes
78.50 US$
Macht Impfen Sinn? - Band 2
by Hans U. P. Tolzin
Sind Geimpfte gesünder? - Elternberichte und vergleichende Studien - Kritik der Impfhypothesen
22.60 US$
Machen Tierimpfungen Sinn?
by Hans U. P. Tolzin
Ein kritischer Ratgeber für Tierfreunde
17.00 US$
Lebenssituationen - Traumata - Glaubenssätze
by Peppler / Albrecht

96.70 US$
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