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B.P. Madrewar: Poultry Homeopathy

120 pages, pb
publication 2000
product no. 01180
weight: 150g
ISBN: 978-81-319-0083-3

Printed in India - Indian quality
Currently not available

Poultry Homeopathy

Discusses treatment for viral, bacterial and protozoal diseases, use of tissue salts and homeopathic preparations to treat vitamin deficiencies, plus therapeutic tips for common conditions and a selected materia medica.

About the book:

An attempt to prove efficacy of homoeopathic remedies in veterinary practice. A useful guide providing the treatment for common poultry ailments and other useful information.

If the number of diseases of human race is increasing day by day, even the animals are not left far behind. They are also suffering from diseases which the man earlier was not even aware of. Keeping this thought in mind, this work has been formulated. It is the result of 32 years of experience, love for animals and hard work of the author to meet the real need. The common disease conditions and the material medica of chief remedies have been covered. Important charts such as diet charts, feed and water requirement have also been given.

This book is not available at the moment.
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B.P. Madrewar
B.P. Madrewar
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