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Polarity Analysis in Homeopathy: A Precise Path to the Simillimum, Heiner Frei

312 pages, hb
publication 2013
product no. 11837
weight: 970g
ISBN: 978-3-95582-001-5

Polarity Analysis in Homeopathy: A Precise Path to the Simillimum

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Precise and Efficient

Polarity analysis is an efficient method that helps a busy practitioner by making the homeopathic prescription faster and more precise. The Swiss physician Heiner Frei developed this method to demonstrate the efficacy of homeopathic treatment of ADHD children in a controlled 5-year clinical study. The study demonstrated highly significant effects of homeopathy.

Polarity analysis is based on Boenninghausen’s Therapeutic Pocketbook and has revolutionised homeopathic treatment. Cornerstones of the prescription are polar symptoms such as amelioration or aggravation by heat or motion. They mirror the disturbed vital force. Polarity analysis goes directly to the core of the case. It offers clear differentiation of a manageable number of 133 remedies.

Heiner Frei’s method is easy to learn. He shows us all its facets and nuances by leading us through 40 exciting cases, from acute hearing loss, allergic disease, chronic obstructive bronchitis, mononucleosis, mumps and scarlet fever to ADHD, Asperger syndrome and epilepsy. Casetaking is facilitated by checklists and questionnaires.

This book comes from the large practice of an experienced homeopathic physician as well as from a passionate researcher who will not rest until he can bring his inspired discovery to perfection. His success rate of 80% speaks for itself.

“With Heiner Frei’s polarity analysis, the Boenninghausen method has reached a peak of perfection which we have witnessed in our practice. The modalities are a direct reaction of the vital force to any pathological disturbance: unlike psychological symptoms, they do not require any interpretation.
Polarity analysis is a reliable method and it enhances our work, especially for quick treatment of acute illness and for hyperactive children – we would certainly not want to do without it again.”
Ulrich Welte

"By the way, the book is beyond fantastic.  It is without a doubt the clearest, most precise homeopathy book I have read.  Congrats over and again!"
Lauren Hubele

"I bought the book and love it.  Read it cover to cover twice in a week."
Peter Gold


Checklists for Download:

 Acute Disease:
- Headache and Vertigo
- Ear- Nose-Throat and Eyes
- Airways
- Influenza and Influenza-Like Disease
- Gastrointestinal Tract
- Urinary Tract
- Musculoskeletal Disease
- Infants and Small Children

 Chronic Disease:
- Neurology
- Ear-Nose-Throat and Eyes
- Airways
- Cardiovascular System
- Gastrointestinal Tract
- Gynaecology
- Urinary Tract
- Musculoskeletal System
- Sleep Disturbance
- Mind
- Disturbances of Perception, ADD / ADHD
- ADHD Assessment
- Additional Complaints
- Background

Other Resources:
- Dilution of Single Doses
Administering Q or LM Potencies
Dos and Dont's During Homeopathic Treatment

available immediately, ready to ship within one working day
free shipping above 134.52 US$

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