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Luc De Schepper

Luc De Schepper
born 1946

finished his medical studies in 1971 in Belgium. As part of a further training course in acupuncture, he began to also study homeopathy.

In 1981 he moved to the USA. Since 1991, he only treats his patients with homeopathy. He has a private practice in San Diego, California.

De Schepper has treated over 200,000 patients in 29 years, in recent years solely with homeopathic LM potencies.

He is the founder of the Renaissance Institute of Classical Homeopathy in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and author of 12 books on homeopathy, acupuncture, and holistic healing. De Schepper has already held more than 100 lectures on homeopathy, chiefly in the USA and India.


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Advanced Guide for Professional Homeopaths/Luc De Schepper
Advanced Guide for Professional Homeopaths  from Luc De Schepper

240 pages, hb, product no. 04253
Excerpt: Excerpt 1Excerpt 2
61.40 US$
Advanced Guide for Professional Homeopaths: Add to Basket
Candida: The Symptoms, the Causes, the Cure/Luc De Schepper
Candida: The Symptoms, the Causes, the Cure  from Luc De Schepper

158 pages, pb, product no. 03431
Excerpt: Contents
10.70 US$
Candida: The Symptoms, the Causes, the Cure: Add to Basket
Musculoskeletal Diseases and Homeopathy/Luc De Schepper
Musculoskeletal Diseases and Homeopathy  from Luc De Schepper

194 pages, pb, product no. 03262
Excerpt: ContentsPotencies
20.90 US$
Musculoskeletal Diseases and Homeopathy: Add to Basket
Achieving and Maintaining the Simillimum/Luc De Schepper
Achieving and Maintaining the Simillimum  from Luc De Schepper

370 pages, hb, product no. 01054
Excerpt: ContentsIntroductionSample
73.50 US$
Achieving and Maintaining the Simillimum: Add to Basket
Hahnemann Revisited/Luc De Schepper
Hahnemann Revisited  from Luc De Schepper
newly printed, different design

572 pages, hb, product no. 01055
Excerpt: Excerpt 1
75.80 US$
Hahnemann Revisited: Add to Basket
The People's Repertory/Luc De Schepper
The People's Repertory  from Luc De Schepper

182 pages, pb, product no. 03260
Excerpt: ContentsRemedies
14.70 US$
The People
Homeopathy and the Periodic Table/Luc De Schepper
Homeopathy and the Periodic Table  from Luc De Schepper

313 pages, pb, product no. 02014
Excerpt: Excerpt 1
55.40 US$
Homeopathy and the Periodic Table: Add to Basket
What About Men?/Luc De Schepper
What About Men?  from Luc De Schepper

246 pages, pb, product no. 03219
Excerpt: Contents IntroductionFive Constitutions
16.70 US$
What About Men?: Add to Basket
Acupuncture in Practice/Luc De Schepper
Acupuncture in Practice  from Luc De Schepper

214 pages, pb, product no. 03236
Excerpt: Contents
51.60 US$
Acupuncture in Practice: Add to Basket
Hahnemann im Brennpunkt/Luc De Schepper
Hahnemann im Brennpunkt  from Luc De Schepper

704 pages, hb, product no. 03252
Excerpt: Inhaltsverzeichnis EinleitungQ-PotenzenFallmanagementRezensionRezension
89.40 US$
Hahnemann im Brennpunkt: Add to Basket
How to Dine Like the Devil and Feel Like a Saint/Luc De Schepper
How to Dine Like the Devil and Feel Like a Saint  from Luc De Schepper

230 pages, pb, product no. 03432
Excerpt: ContentsIntroductionQuickies
15.70 US$
How to Dine Like the Devil and Feel Like a Saint: Add to Basket
Human Condition: Critical/Luc De Schepper
Human Condition: Critical  from Luc De Schepper

216 pages, pb, product no. 03261
Excerpt: acknowledgements contents introductionchapter fourchapter ten
14.70 US$
Human Condition: Critical: Add to Basket
Der Weg zum Simillimum/Luc De Schepper
Der Weg zum Simillimum  from Luc De Schepper

432 pages, hb, product no. 02299
Excerpt: Inhaltsverzeichnis EinleitungExcerpt 2Buchbesprechung aus HpathyRezension
73.50 US$
Der Weg zum Simillimum: Add to Basket
Professionelles Fallmanagement in der Homöopathie/Luc De Schepper
Professionelles Fallmanagement in der Homöopathie  from Luc De Schepper

272 pages, hb, product no. 04603
Excerpt: Excerpt 1Rezension
54.30 US$
Professionelles Fallmanagement in der Homöopathie: Add to Basket
Luc De Schepper Seminar - 9 'DVDs/Luc De Schepper
Luc De Schepper Seminar - 9 'DVDs  from Luc De Schepper
Sonderangebot statt € 150.- nur € 115.-
Seminar auf 9 DVDs Gesamtspiellänge 13 h 52 min.

9 DVDs, DVD, product no. 04113
Video: DVD1 LieblingsthemaDVD1 UnterschiedDVD8 Wahnidee Mittel AurumDVD8 Potenzwahl Fall
130.10 US$
Luc De Schepper Seminar - 9
Professionelles Fallmanagement in der Homöopathie - E-Book/Luc De Schepper
Professionelles Fallmanagement in der Homöopathie - E-Book  from Luc De Schepper
5 Min. nach Bestellung erhalten Sie ein Email, wie Sie das E-Book downloaden können

272 pages, product no. 13976
Excerpt: Excerpt 1Rezension
48.70 US$
Professionelles Fallmanagement in der Homöopathie - E-Book: Add to Basket
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