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Ulrich Welte: Extended Color Table

20 pages, spiral binding
publication 2003
product no. 00226
weight: 190g
ISBN: 978-3-921383-91-9

Extended Color Table

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456 large-format colors.
The Extended Color Table is a larger edition of the color tables from the main book “Colors in Homeopathy” and is designed to be an additional tool for the professional user requiring greater accuracy in the choice of colors. It goes beyond the normally required clinical accuracy to offer a fine-tuning of the colors, which is sometimes necessary. The Extended Color Table reproduces the same 24 main colors, but differentiates these further into 9 lighter and 9 darker shades. It therefore consists of 456 colors instead of 120. In addition, the colors are sealed in a UV varnish, which gives them more depth and power.
The Extended Color Table has the same selection of colors as the Color Poster, but the individual color grids are larger. It is arranged in eight groups and can in many cases help achieve a more precise choice of color.

link to the color list.


Extended version of the color table meant for professional use. The favourite colour can be determined with greater accuracy.

available immediately, ready to ship within one working day
free shipping above 165.62 US$

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Ulrich Welte
Ulrich Welte
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